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Divine Ease Massage Therapy specializes in Equine and Canine massage therapy for the purpose of rehabilitation, performance enhancement, and maintenance. Regular bodywork and sports massage not only relieves present muscular pain, but also assists in the prevention of future injuries to the muscles.

Non-invasive and extremely effective, massage therapy serves to relieve tension and muscle spasms, while increasing circulation and range of motion. Through the use of compression and direct pressure techniques, muscle fibres are spread to allow for efficient delivery of oxygen and nutrients to fascia tissue, as well as the removal of metabolic waste.




Currently based in State College, PA - extensive travel subject to additional fees



  • Pre-event

  • Post-event

  • Maintenance

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  • Pre-event (i.e. Agility)

  • Post-Event

  • Maintenance

  • Joint-soothing for arthritic/geriatric canines

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  • Demonstrations

    • Basics of massage therapy​

    • "The Colic Sequence"

    • Importance of body work

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There are few places I am happier




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*Disclaimer: Massage is not a replacement for Veterinary Medicine nor is it intended to diagnose, cure, or treat disease.

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